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Work for “Influence” with Your Teenager – “Not Total Control”

August 2, 2017

Work for “Influence” with Your Teenager Not “Total Control”

Parents!  I hope you and your teenager are having a ton of fun during the Summer of 2017.  I hope you’re taking every positive opportunity to STAY or GET CONNECTED with each other.  You and I both know that parenting teens can get a little dicey from time to time … especially during the summertime!

Summertime has its own set of challenges when we talk about raising teenagers.  Not only are they still “out of pocket” (because most parents work) … but now they have more FREE TIME!  I get the heebie jeebies just thinking about all their free, unsupervised, unscripted, uncensored FREE TIME!  A teenager’s FREE TIME is something we parents cannot control because we are NOT there with them 24/7.  If the truth be told, even when we are present … total control eludes us.

Let me ask you a question that I raise with parents of teenagers in my latest eBook:  “Mom and Dad Don’t Have a Clue!”  If you’re the parent of a teenager, it’s a powerful and revealing question that goes to the heart of your parenting style.  Take a moment, think it through then lay it on me!  Here’s the question:

Do you think “Controlling” your teenager is your most important function as a parent?

The question is critically important because it goes to the heart of your ability to cope with, recover from, and celebrate your son or daughter after the Turbulent Teen Years have run their course.  So before you answer the question, let me interject a thought.

I did not write “Mom and Dad Don’t Have a Clue!” for the sole purpose of trying to help you get “Total Control” over your teenager.  Many parents believe that is their major function in raising their teenager.  But that is NOT why I wrote the eBook.  Frankly, getting “Total Control” over your teenager as a goal is unrealistic.  Here’s why:  The pursuit of “Total Control” of your son or daughter will eventually sabotage your Parent-Teen relationship.   To see a related blog post:  CLICK HERE

My purpose in writing the eBook was and is to help you get Re-acquainted and Re-connected with your teenager … so that you can become or remain a strong “Influence” in his or her life.  I believe this should be your ultimate goalThis goal IS achievable! 

Having “Influence” with your son or daughter will increase your ability to inspire, protect, and guide your teen toward a fulfilling life.  Your “Influence” will help your teenager learn to be positively motivated from the Inside … rather than the Outside where the pressures of peers, teen culture and media dominate.  Ultimately, this will enable your teen to work toward achieving his or her “Highest Good!”

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“Mom and Dad Don’t Have a Clue!” is now on Amazon:  CLICK HERE


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