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A Universal Message to Parents!

April 4, 2017

A Universal Message to Parents!

Parents!  Although this article involves Sophia, a nearly three-year-old toddler, there is a powerful message here that I believe is critically important for all our sons and daughters to learn.  Brandi Brenner, Sophia’s mother, has done an excellent job demonstrating that we Parents can change the world by teaching and modeling “Love and Acceptance” in front of our children … and behind their backs!

The article below sends a great message to all Parents.  The truth is this:

“Research suggests that kids ARE NOT BORN with biases about race and gender.” 

That quote speaks volumes about the responsibility of Parents in shaping the world we live in.  All negative emotions surrounding Race, Culture, Ethnicity, Gender, etc. are “Learned Attitudes and Behaviors!”  They will all become Extinct … when parents “Show & Tell” differently.

Here’s a quote from a blog post I released titled “The Great Show & Tell!”  CLICK HERE:

Here’s a short quote:

“Parenting” can be summed up in three words:  “Show & Tell!”  We parents model and teach our children what they need to know …. and we hope they will eventually apply it to their lives.  The challenge with teenagers is this:  They have the ability to judge whether their parents are speaking their personal truth or just giving lip service to ideals they don’t really live up to.

The following quote from Brandi tells us the value she puts on her “Show & Tell!”

“I just want to teach my kids love, and that’s included in my own actions…”

Congratulations to Brandi Brenner for “gifting” the world with Dr. Sophia Brenner!

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