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October 19, 2015   

Available on Amazon (Kindle Store) or Coming Soon


“Mom and Dad Don’t Love Me!”  Click this LINK to Amazon!

Parents have Greater “Influence” when their Teenagers Feel Loved

“Mom and Dad Don’t Have a Clue!  CLICK this LINK to Amazon!

How to Unravel the Riddle that Makes your Teenager Tick, Talk and Transform

“Mom and Dad Don’t Know I Get High!”  (Coming to Amazon)

What Parents Should Know about Drug, Alcohol and Medicine Abuse

“Hooking Up and Hanging Out!”

Dating in the Safety Zone – A Guide for Teenagers  (Coming to Amazon)

“Teens Who Burn the Midnight Oil!”

How to Help Teenagers Get the Sleep They Need  (Coming to Amazon)


“Bad Choices in Dark Places” (Viable Options – Book 1)  (Coming to Amazon)

“Betray Everyone” (Viable Options – Book 2)  (Coming to Amazon)

“Reuben and Rebecca” (Viable Options – Book 3)  (Coming to Amazon)

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