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Happy Birthday to Me!

June 1, 2017


Yep, it’s official.  Today, I am a “Woman of a Certain Age!”  Some of you have a rich & personal understanding of what that means. 🙂  If so perhaps you too no longer feel the need to “Speak of Age” in chronological terms.  Perhaps like me … you now REVEL in whatever Age you are – Unapologetically & Unabashedly! 

By the above, I simply mean I’m Alive and Well and Grateful to feel the “Purpose Vibe” still percolating in my Spirit.  That’s what’s really important to me now!  I find all other commentary to be Self-indulgent, Gratuitous and without Merit!  Who needs to hear more of that?!!

What I will share with you … since you took the time to stop by on my B’DAY … is my Declaration for the next 70+ years.  Oops, did I let the Cat out of the Bag?  No problem!  She was chomping at the bit to GET OUT anyway.  🙂 

“I Declare and Decree”

(You’re right, I am NOT the originator of that phrase.)

1.  I will put as much “Skin in the Game” as I have left … to finally shake off the emotions and behaviors that have NOT served me well:  Procrastination, Fear, debilitating Perfectionism, Vanity, Pride, unwarranted Self-Indulgence and all the other Bugaboos that have clogged or corrupted my Lifeline to Purpose and Productivity! 

2.  I will very Specifically and Intentionally throw my own “Coming Out Party!”  I shoulda done it 30 years ago … but I was preoccupied with all the machinations of Number One, which stymied my focus and commitment to what’s really important to me in this Life. 

3.  My Goal is to go to the grave Railing against each of the items in Number One.  And it really doesn’t matter if I master each of them.  It only matters that I Stay the Course!

That’s it!  I think that’s all I can Declare and Decree” with the time I have left!  🙂

I am grateful to my GOD for the very specific number of years I will live on the Planet.  Bless the LORD, the Blessed One! 

Inasmuch as all this is TRUE … I am NOT supposed to look the way I did 20, 30, 40 years ago!  So it’s time for YOU to trash that image of Me.  Do me a Solid … and lay her to rest!

I remember her well … Starry Eyes behind rose colored glasses, a ravishing head of hair without a hint of GRAY, tucked in tummy … and “perky” body parts that no longer fit my description.  🙂  And I’m Okay with that! 

If the truth be told (and this Declaration requires it), I’m concerned about YOU because you seem to be lamenting the absence of the physical attributes I just noted.

Fair Warning:  GET OVER IT!  I have … and it’s quite Liberating!  So I encourage you to do the same.  

Hear me clearly, I’m not asking you to “Grow Old with Me” like the song says.  Perish that thought!  I’m inviting you to look at your life, as I have mine, and “Declare and Decree” your own Vision of what your Purpose requires of YOU – Unapologetically & Unabashedly! 

There’s So Much MORE to Live and See and Do! 

Ahhhh … there it is!  I feel your Spirit agreeing with mine.  SO LET’S DO THIS THING!  🙂

Shalom!  Shalom!


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