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October 19, 2015   

Benefits of Joining our E-Mail List

Our E-Mail List was created to establish one central location to deposit information we want delivered to Parents raising teenagers and “Others” who interact with teens on a regular basis.  We refer to these “Others” as The Network of Solidarity, made up of individuals who are committed to the full development, health, safety and well-being of our teenagers.  No doubt you know them already — grandparents, select family members, teachers, counselors, coaches, mentors, social workers and youth leaders who take a personal interest in young people.

We believe that developing high-quality Parent-Teen relationships is critically important to achieving our goal of Reconnecting with our teenage sons and daughters.  We know this is a huge undertaking but You are not alone in pursuing this goal … We are here to support you!

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to join our E-Mail List and really get plugged into what’s going on at Parenting Your Teen for Life.  Once you sign up … you will receive a link to a free downloadable eBook titled “Fire Up Your Parental Engine!”  This eBook offers a compelling reminder that we must all “tweak” their parenting skills when our sons and daughters reach their teen years.

The need for “tweaking” is a non-negotiable Truth that all parents must embrace.  If they fail to see the need to do this, they will eventually lose their Connection with their teen-children, along with their ability to “Influence” their sons and daughters.  The result of that will have a devastating impact on the Parent-Teen relationship.

Here at Parenting Your Teen for Life, we challenge parents to strengthen the Bond with their teenagers!  We challenge parents to protect their ability to have “Influence” in the lives of their sons and daughters.  “Fire Up Your Parental Engine!” was written to help parents of teen-children to see that it is necessary for them to make a new Commitment to build, nurture and maintain a strong Bond with your teenager.

We are committed to helping every parent make that transition as smooth and wrinkle-free as possible.  But nine times out of ten … the transition will be anything but smooth.  It never is when raising teenagers.  That’s why it’s essential that parents embrace the 8 Transformational Parenting Practices(More about this a bit later.)

Parents who join our E-Mail List will receive weekly messages from us in the following manner:

A weekly blog post from “The Grapevine.”  These updates will deal with the 8 Transforming Parental Practices” and topics that parents really want to know about.  And you will have an opportunity to influence the selection of those topics.

New Product Alerts

New Article Announcements

Finally, know this:  Our Relationship is a 2-Way Street.  One of our favorite expressions is:

“Good relationships take root and grow in rich soil on a 2-Way Street … where Communication flows freely.”

If you join our E-Mail List, we will do our best to become a positive voice in your ear … supporting your efforts to Reconnect with your teenager … and hold your position as the major “Influence” in your son or daughter’s life.

One of the ways we can support you is for You to tell Us … what you need and want.  So we will conduct a Survey every few months and ask you to tell us how we can better serve you and your goal of “Reconnecting” with your teen … and having a greater level of “Influence” in his or her life.

We might also respond by creating a Special Report, an audio or video or a new product that goes into greater detail about a topic you want training on.

Our goal is to serve your needs as the “Parent of a Teenager!”  We fully understand the importance of that … and we will act accordingly.

These are the benefits of joining our E-Mail List!