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Danette Makaila’s Message to Teens: “Be Yourself!”

March 5, 2016

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Danette Makaila’s Message to Teens:  “Be Yourself!”

Parents!  I am super delighted to share this outstanding event in the life of Danette Makaila.  You may recall I wrote about her in an earlier blog post about Teens with Dreams!  Danette is now featured on BET’s “29 People You Should Know!” 

I encourage you to have your son or daughter watch Danette’s video.  Below the video, I’ve pulled some highlights from her “Message to Teens & Kids!”


In September 2015, I wrote a series of blog posts about Teens with Dreams!  In one blog I introduced you to Danette Makaila, the 17 year-old CEO of Danette Makaila International.  At the time she was a fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, national Speaker, Actress and twice-published Author.  I described Danette as a “Girl on Fire!”

Today, I am ecstatic to report that the “Girl on Fire!” has continued to pursue her Dreams and Passions.  She has also expanded her “Message to Teens & Kids!” in three significant and powerful statements.  In her own Words…

  1. All teens and kids have the potential and power to achieve their Dreams … Right NOW!
  2. Be Yourself! Know this:  Everyone is unique! YOU bring your own Light to different things. So any way you do it … IS the perfect way for You!
  3. “Color the World with YOU!” is my personal Mantra.  It is also a 2016 Movement. It means you defy the “Norm” and will … Do Things Your Own Way!

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