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Teen Culture … Veil of Secrecy!

April 24, 2016

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Teen Culture … Veil of Secrecy!

Teenagers growing up in the 21st Century have a bottomless “Pit” from which to draw a variety of self-destructive activities.  If you can imagine some of these activities … they are already in the “Pit” and waiting for our sons and daughters to grab hold of it.

Our teens have greater access to the “Pit” because Teen Culture promotes the Lie that experimenting with Drugs, Alcohol and Prescription Medicine is normalThe New “Normal!”  Teen Culture reinforces the following messages to our teens via music, movies, billboards, television and social media …

“Get Real!  That’s what teenagers do!”  

“You’re going to experience life at some point anyway!”

“It’s all part of growing up!”  

“No Big Deal!”

The challenges our teenagers deal with and the daily choices they have to make were foreign to us when we were their age and unimaginable to our parents when they were teenagers.  The Age of Innocence disappeared several generations ago … and there’s barely any evidence of it left.  I remember the Brady Bunch and the Huxtable Kids with amusement … but those nostalgic days are no more.  Poof!  Gone!  But you already know this.

The New “Normal!”

What I refer to as The New “Normal!” is often terrifying to parents.  Now imagine how terrifying it must be for our sons and daughters, especially those who choose NOT to identify with The New “Normal!”  I refer now to some of our teenagers who make positive choices and have Goals and Dreams they want to pursue.  These are fun-loving teenagers who are NOT interested in Getting High, Sexting or indulging in reckless irresponsible behaviors that jeopardize their health, safety and wellbeing.

The teens I refer to now are NOT winged-Angels.  They occasionally screw up and miss the Mark!  But their parents are proud of who they are becoming.  And each and every day, these teens try hard to behave in ways that make themselves proud of who they are becomingas they lean toward more Independence. read more …