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Transforming the Parent-Teen Relationship!

January 11, 2016

“The Parental Grapevine!”

A Cluster of Transformational Parenting Practices

  Malbec Grapes

 Transforming the Parent-Teen Relationship!

Are you fed up with your teenager? It’s a fair question. Ask yourself that question when it’s quiet and you can hear yourself think. Ask it when you’re frustrated and out of patience because your teenager has gotten on your Last Nerve. Ask the question when that Last Nerve is raw and exposed … and you conclude that you don’t have a clue about transforming your Parent-Teen relationship.

What is the answer that comes back to you? Be brutally honest in looking at the answer that creeps up on you. Perhaps you didn’t realize you were so angry with your child.

Don’t tell me you’ve never been there! Every parent, at some point in time during the teen years, has been there. I’d go so far as to declare that most parents have been there more than once over the length of time they spent raising their teenager. read more …