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Summer Break … The Choking Game!

July 20, 2016

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Summer Break … The Choking Game!

In many ways, parents of teenagers are all in the same boat.  If you doubt me, keep reading.

We are approaching the mid-point of Summer Break.  Some of you parents are feeling kinda “Blah!” about what your teenager has experienced so far.  Most likely that’s because you’ve not taken Action on my earlier blog posts titled “Summer Break – Make It Count!” (Parts 1&2).  Here’s a nudge in that direction:

Summer Break:  Fads, Trends and Risky Behaviors

A little over a week ago, I promised to give you a list of some of the dangerous activities that teenagers are reportedly getting involved with during Summer Break.  Even though many of these activities can result in life-threatening consequences … they are tagged “Games” to make them sound less threatening.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  These “Games” can be Deadly!  

It’s important to keep in mind that many of these “Risky Behaviors” hide in plain sight and are made to look like the playful antics of fun-loving teenagers.  It is for this reason that so many parents don’t have a clue about “the dark details surrounding the Choking Game!”  

One such “dark detail” is that the Game is lauded as the “Good Kids’ High!”  That tag alone paves the way for good kids to cozy up to the Choking Game.  Make no mistake about it, Pushers of the Game are targeting Good Kids — those who pride themselves in doing well in school, staying “clean” from drugs, alcohol and prescription medicine abuse, have Goals they’re determined to achieve and who are excited about their future.

The Choking Game

The Choking Game is NOT a Game.  It is a potentially deadly “practice” or “technique” that allows tweens and read more …