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Teenage Sleep Deprivation!

August 14, 2016

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Teenage Sleep Deprivation!

Have you noticed that Summer Break is winding down?  Of course you have!  The 2016 Fall Semester is no longer on the horizon … it’s racing toward Parents at full throttle!  Some school districts have already sounded the Death Knell on “Goofing Off” and are gearing up for the next Crop of Kids.  If this school year is anything like last year’s … you’re going to have to deal with Teenage Sleep Deprivation!  We don’t need a Crystal Ball for that one!

If there’s a teenager in your house, you’re probably making New “School Year” Resolutions … like a house on fire!  I’ll bet one of them is to have NO more battles with your teenager about his or her poor Sleep Habits.  

Your teenager will be Going to bed at a Reasonable Hour!

Your teen will be Getting out of bed each morning without your Intervention!

I’ll bet your “Resolutions” sound something like these …

“Sleep is going to be a Priority in our house!”

“Everybody’s going to get 8 hours!”

“I’m NOT going to drag my teenager out of bed every morning like last year!”

“It’s Lights Out at 9:30 every Night!”

I’ll also bet that even while you’re saying these words out loud with Conviction … there’s a sarcastic little voice in the back of your head saying, “Yeah … Right!”

Obvious Answers to Teen Sleep Habit Questions!

I always like to lay out Questions that point to Answersthat are irrefutable!  That way I can quantify and qualify what is more than apparently True.  Here goes … read more …