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Parenting Teen Turbulence … A Mixed Bag!

December 23, 2015

“The Parental Grapevine!”

A Cluster of Transformational Parenting Practices

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 Parenting Teen Turbulence … A Mixed Bag!

This post marks the end of our looking back at what might have been your parenting experiences.  Parenting Teen Turbulence … A Mixed Bag! is all about what you’re experiencing currently.  Keep these words in mind … It’s a Mixed Bag! 

Level Seven:  The Savings & Loan in Your Heart!

Imagine for a moment that your heart has a Savings & Loan on the premises.  Let’s call it your “Heart-Bank.”  Your daughter’s account was activated the moment you laid eyes on her at birth.  Over the years, automatic deposits and withdrawals were made on her behalf … based on the amount of joy or sadness she brought into your life.  Throughout her childhood, she generated hefty deposits – all the “good stuff.”  Her withdrawals were kept to a minimum.

Even during the Terrible Two’s, your child still made more deposits than withdrawals.  But things changed a bit during adolescence.  Her deposits and withdrawals were a bit more even-handed – 50/50.  Nowadays, the Turbulence of your daughter’s teen years is having a devastating impact on her account.  By age 16, she will have depleted all her savings.  She already owes the Heart-Bank an embarrassing sum in overdraft fees … and her adolescence is not even half over.  If she were not bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh, her account would be in Collections!   NEXT! read more …