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The “Secret Life” of Mothers!

May 8, 2016

“The Parental Grapevine!”

A Cluster of Transformational Parenting Practices

Malbec Grapes

The “Secret Life” of Mothers!

Today is Mother’s Day … so I’m writing to Every Category of “Mother” I can think of:

Biological Mothers

Single Mothers

Adoptive Mothers

Surrogate Mothers


Spiritual Mothers


This blog post is In Honor of Every Mother in our little Community and across the Globe:


I’m issuing a collective “Thank You!” for Everything YOU do to fulfill your Divine “Triple” Assignment!  I believe the Divine Assignment of every Mother is to Love Unconditionally, Guide Unapologetically and Listen to the Heart of her children.

Every time I use the term “Children” … I want you to think:  Newborn, Toddler, Adolescent, Teenager and Adult-children.

Our Divine “Triple” Assignment

When our children are afraid, disheartened, disillusioned or in despair … our  Unconditional Love soothes, comforts and envelops them in peace – restoring confidence, strength and hope. read more …