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It’s Official – You Are Parenting a Moody Teenager!

January 26, 2016

“The Parental Grapevine!”

A Cluster of Transformational Parenting Practices

  Malbec Grapes

It’s Official – You Are Parenting a Moody Teenager!

Everybody knows that hormones have a lot to do with rampant Teen Moodiness. It’s also true that the teen brain plays a major role in the mood swings, irritability, and the emotional Rollercoaster rides our sons and daughters take us on. In their defense, teenagers don’t always know when to expect their mood swings. Don’t freak out, but know this.  It’s Official – You Are Parenting a Moody Teenager!

Who Let Freddy Krueger in the House?

Teenage “Mood Swings” come with severe emotional climate changes. Imagine this: One minute it’s a warm sunny day and you’re having a lovely talk with your son … then BAMM! Freddy Krueger is in your face and you’re sucked into Nightmare on Elm Street.

There was no warning! There was no visible shift in your son’s attitude or temperament. You barely blinked … and your son did a psychic backflip. When he landed, both of you were up to your thighs in icy slush. He’s fine, but you can’t feel your legs! Wuz up with that! read more …