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Category Archives: Making tough choices

Happy Birthday to Me!

June 1, 2017


Yep, it’s official.  Today, I am a “Woman of a Certain Age!”  Some of you have a rich & personal understanding of what that means. 🙂  If so perhaps you too no longer feel the need to “Speak of Age” in chronological terms.  Perhaps like me … you now REVEL in whatever Age you are – Unapologetically & Unabashedly! 

By the above, I simply mean I’m Alive and Well and Grateful to feel the “Purpose Vibe” still percolating in my Spirit.  That’s what’s really important to me now!  I find all other commentary to be Self-indulgent, Gratuitous and without Merit!  Who needs to hear more of that?!!

What I will share with you … since you took the time to stop by on my B’DAY … is my Declaration for the next 70+ years.  Oops, did I let the Cat out of the Bag?  No problem!  She was chomping at the bit to GET OUT anyway.  🙂 

“I Declare and Decree”

(You’re right, I am NOT the originator of that phrase.)

1.  I will put as much “Skin in the Game” as I have left … to finally shake off the emotions and behaviors that have NOT served me well:  Procrastination, Fear, debilitating Perfectionism, Vanity, Pride, unwarranted Self-Indulgence and all the other Bugaboos that have clogged or corrupted my Lifeline to Purpose and Productivity!  read more …