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Happy July 4th – Let’s Celebrate!

July 4, 2016

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Happy July 4th – Let’s Celebrate!

This morning around 6:12 a.m., I read the Declaration of Independence. Although this was not my first reading of this portion of the U.S. Constitution … I had not read it in a great while.
Like so many Americans, I confess to taking the Declaration of Independence for granted. After all … it is Centuries old! And it’s got hundreds of years of people breathing on it, debating it … and even desecrating it in terms of how they think and adhere to the Spirit & Letter of the Declaration.
It saddens me to admit it, but I’ve never had what I now believe is an “appropriate regard” for the Declaration of Independence. Frankly, I’ve taken it for granted … confident that the Declaration and its lovely perceptions of what We the People want and deserve will continue ad infinitum (forever and for all time).  Sadly, as the world continues to morph into gradations of Intolerance, Bigotry and an inability to feel Empathy … this MAY NOT ALWAYS be the case.
Let me be clear. Like most everyone else, I learned about the Declaration of Independence in elementary school. I even know some of the passages from memory. But this morning, I read the whole Document and found the words mind blowing!
The Declaration of Independence is replete with riveting truth and the Founders’ natural inclination to stand in awe of their Sovereign GOD … even though some of their personal actions and choices failed to align with the Truth embedded in the Declaration. Still, they created an incredibly beautiful Document filled with the aspirations of all human beings, regardless of their status in Society.
The Founders forged a magnificent Manifesto that beckons the American People to embrace the transcendent truth and power behind every word they penned. Historically, It took generations of hard fought battles of the Mind, Body and Spirit before the “All Men” tag applied equally to everyone in this land.
Now that’s “my take” on the Declaration of Independence. You may not “get” where I’m coming from, but I hope you can relate to where, I believe, our uniquely American Declaration wishes to take us. Essentially, I believe the Declaration of Independence is a Statement of Faith! 

What is Faith?

The Scriptural definition of “Faith” is:

“The Substance of things hoped for … the Evidence of things not seen.”

I believe the characterization of “Faith” is deeply rooted in the Declaration of Independence.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered the word “Faith” does not appear in the DeclarationYet “Faith” is an abiding theme in the Declaration of Independence.  The words below, extracted from the Declaration of Independence, embody this great theme of “Faith”.

We hold these truths to be “Self-Evident”

All men are created Equal

Our Unalienable Rights are those given to us by GOD

These Rights include Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

These Rights Cannot be Denied or Taken Away

If Any Form of Government would destroy These Rights

It is the Right and Duty of The People to Alter or Abolish that Government

… and Establish a New Government

But this May Not Be Done for Frivolous reasons.

The Document penned by leaders from the 13 United States on July 4, 1776 … is a Brilliant, Resplendent, Breathing Document whose truths are “Self-Evident!”  Reading the Declaration of Independence this morning, gave me a new appreciation for and pride in the forward-thinking of our Founders.  I can say with absolute conviction that …

The Life-Blood of the United States Constitution is …

The Declaration of Independence!

Happy 4th of July!

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