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Sleep Deprivation in Teenagers

January 14, 2015

 “The Parental Grapevine!”

A Cluster of Transformational Parenting Practices

  Malbec Grapes

“Sleep Deprivation in Teenagers!”

Every living thing on Planet Earth needs (and has) a way to sustain itself.  Human beings are no different.  We need clean air, clean water and food for health and well-being.  We also need Sleep.

Surprise!  Surprise! 

Few people think of Sleep as life sustainingbut it is!  If you are the parent … adoptive, step or foster, or the guardian of a teenager, you may be frustrated by the sleep habits of your son or daughter.  If you are part of The Network of Solidarity – a grandparent, select family member, teacher, counselor, mentor, coach, social worker or anyone else who regularly interacts with teenagers – you may be baffled by the signs of Sleep Deprivation that plague the teenagers in your life.  And you should be. read more …