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Day Two of The Trump Reality Show!

November 10, 2016

Day Two:  “The Trump Reality Show!”

It’s a “Done Deal!”  But some still can’t believe it.  Welcome to “The Trump Reality Show … Extraordinaire!”  It is Day Two after the Political Firestorm or the Ravenous Electoral Tsunami … whichever describes the hell you think the country is now in because President-elect Donald Trump is our Reality.

No matter what your feelings … be they embedded in negative emotions or steeped in cold hard logic … Donald Trump did what virtually no other Presidential candidate has done.  He alienated just about everybody … while at the same time reeling many into his unique brand of “Let It ALL Hang Out” rants.

Let’s imagine for a moment.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if “What you see is what you get” DOES NOT apply to Donald Trump?  Allow that notion to wash over you.  That one thought could assuage a multitude of despairing thoughts running rampant throughout this country.

My point here is this.  You must not give into the appearance of gloom and doom that presently looms large in your Mind’s Eye.  The truth is we don’t know with certainty what lies ahead.  And as finite beings, we never will.

Think about it … we’ve never really known the Heart of any President we’ve elected.  We made our decision to elect based on what we thought we knew.  That fact alone won’t buy you a candy bar anywhere other than the Dollar Store!

In virtually every case study of the American Presidents we thought we knew … we were disappointed, blindsided or mortified at some of the things they said and did.  Donald Trump will be no different.

Still, it would not be wise to overlook some of the reprehensible things Donald Trump SAID or FAILED TO SAY that shocked, petrified and polarized us.  And Yes … his alienating remarks did expand the Divide between us as human beings living on the soil of this Nation.

But again, we must not surrender to the despondent negative drumbeat that haunted us on the campaign trail.  Rather, let us be vigilant and guarded in ways we’ve never felt compelled to be at the election of a new President.

Clearly, we NOW have reason to be.

Have you watched and listened to Donald Trump’s Acceptance Speech?  No, seriously … have you really watched and listened!  Who was that Man?  He had the face and body of Donald Trump, but nobody can really tell who that guy is.  More unsettling … nobody knows if that guy will stick around for the next four years.

During his Acceptance Speech, President-elect Trump extended an Olive Branch to the Nation.

Taking his speech on face value … I urge each of us to rally around President-elect Donald Trump’s cry for help in moving America forward in a positive way.

I urge each of us who knows the value and efficacy of prayer to call on Almighty GOD to hold America in the palm of HIS hand and bring about the “Highest Good” of this Nation.

I urge each of us to pray that we as a Nation will orchestrate “Good” in the world … for ourselves and others.

Amen!  Shalom!