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Consequences of Sexting!

December 1, 2015

“The Parental Grapevine!”

A Cluster of Transformational Parenting Practices

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The Consequences of Sexting!

Most teenagers are clueless about the long-term consequences of having a nude or sexually explicit picture or video of themselves on the Internet. Those images go viral and circulate like wildfire at school, in their neighborhood and potentially throughout Cyberspace. Anyone with Internet access can easily come across these pictures. Once released, the pictures can never fully be retrieved.

Aside from the name-calling that teens endure short-term (Slut! Pervert!), the long-term negative impact on their reputation could influence college admission, future employment, and their social standing for many years to come.

The potential for lifelong condemnation is a fact no one wants to experience. Sadly, however, a number of teens have committed suicide as a result of the humiliation, taunts and bullying they received after nude or semi-nude pictures of them were circulated throughout their school and on the Internet. read more …