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About Sheila

November 24, 2014   

There is no single definition for the word “Parent” in any culture on Planet Earth.  That’s because parents don’t wear one hat.  They wear a “collection” of hats … each one representing a specific role they must play or function they must perform.  And no one knows this better than the parent of a teenager!

Sheila LyonHall

Sheila LyonHall

Parents of teenagers must be leaders, teachers, nurturers, counselors and confidants.  They must also serve as Judges of Behavior, Builders of Boundaries, Officers of Accountability and Spiritual Guides.  Each of these roles is essential to raising teenagers and ensuring that they will successfully complete the “rites of passage” into adult life.  Each of the hats we parents wear and roles we play are needful undertakings in raising teenagers.

Here’s another function of parenting teenagers.  We parents must “See” things differently from other adults in the lives of their teen-children.  Here’s an example of what I mean.

No other adult would dare tell your teenager to be Disobedient, Rebellious, Self-centered, Indifferent or a Risk Taker.  But parents of teenagers must “See” the positive side of these seemingly negative characteristics and inspire our sons and daughters to be:

Disobedient to Peer Pressure

Rebellious against the dictates of negative Teen Culture

Self-centered when accomplishing their Goals

Indifferent toward the negative Opinions of Others

Risk Takers in positive, high-yielding, worthy endeavors

My Background – Why I Do What I Do

Several years ago I offered two popular workshops to a group of teenagers.  The workshops were titled: “Dating in the Safety Zone!” and “Living Large Goals!” During our time together, I found out that many of the teens did not get along well with their parents. Some confessed to spending most of their time trying to stay out of sight and sound of their parents… because they didn’t want to get yelled at or worse. As you may already know, this pattern is not uncommon among teenagers.

I also discovered that virtually everything in a teenager’s life is in some way affected by his or her relationship with Mom or Dad … or both parents. What I learned about Families from my workshop teens compelled me to change the focus of my work.

Today I work primarily with parents. I made the switch because I became convinced that the active participation of parents is a critical link in transforming Parent-Teen relationships.

My Role at Parenting Your Teen for Life

I am the Content Developer & Curator of parenting practices that transform Parent-Teen relationships.  That simply means I “write stuff” for parents who come to this website to find answers to questions about their sons and daughters … particularly during the turbulent teen years.  My responses to questions take the form of eBooks, special reports, articles and other information products.

My primary function is identifying, interpreting and developing what I call Transformational Parenting Practices (more about this later). That means “I keep my ear to the ground” to track current research, surveys, case studies and trends that impact Teen Culture.

I am committed to sharing with you everything I research, write and curate. But before I give you all that “stuff”… I filter out what is NOT relevant to parents of teenagers. I also put my personal spin (interpretation) on all that “stuff”… so you’re clear about my position and why I feel strongly about it.

Our Relationship is a 2-Way Street

I believe great relationships exist on two-way streets where effective Communication flows freely.

You already know my street address:  I hope you’ll come back here often and leave a note or comment so I know you dropped by.

My goal is to give parents exactly what they want and need to re-Connect or Strengthen their relationship with their teenagers.

Re-Connecting or Strengthening your relationship with your son or daughter is how you will take back or strengthen your rightful position as the major “Influence” in your teenager’s life.  And the beauty of that is you will have “Influence” long after you no longer have real control over your teenager’s decisions and choices.

“Influence” is a pearl of GREAT price!  And every parent can have it … to one degree or another.

If something on this website moves you, fires you up or gives you a different perspective …

Share your thoughts, questions and concerns with me!

I mean that sincerely. Don’t be shy. “Let It ALL Hang Out!”

Your Teenager is Worth the Extra Effort!