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October 12, 2015   

Welcome Parents of Teenagers

I see you made it … Great!

Welcome to Parenting Your Teen for Life.  I’m glad you’re here and I hope you’ll take time to surf over the pages of this website to see what we’re up to.  The first thing I want to do is clear the air about something that may already be bugging you … the name I chose for this website!  One parent jokingly said to me, “Who wants to do anything for Life!  It sounds like a prison sentence to me.”

I laughed along with that parent, but I knew she was expressing an emotion felt by a great number of parents of teenagers.  Many are burned out, frustrated or just plain weary of having to deal with a son or daughter they can barely talk to without the conversation ending with slamming doors, high-pitched yelling and hurt feelings on both sides.  If parents don’t have the proper emotional Gear to suit up every day … you may not make it through the night.

FIRE UP YOUR PARENTAL ENGINE!With a name like Parenting Your Teen for Life, we knew we had to come up with something to help parents feel empowered and confident about raising their teenagers.  So we created a Special Report titled “Fire Up Your Parental Engine!”  Let us know if we’ve achieved this goal with you.

This Special Report is unique because it helps parents of teenagers understand “Who they must Become” as parents of teenagers.  Make no mistake about it … You must transform yourself as a parent before you can help your teen transform in terms of behavior, attitude and expectations about the future.  Your relationship with your teen will fuel his or her willingness to meet you half-way in creating a Parent-Teen relationship you both feel good about.

The Report is a Gift … but it’s wrapped in Tough Love.  Let me be more specific.  “Fire Up Your Parental Engine!” was NOT created for ALL parents … even if they are raising a teenager.

The Special Report is NOT for a parent who is …

Faint of Heart: If you lack the courage, confidence and tenacity to make a full and continuous Commitment to do what is required to support and guide your son or daughter toward a meaningful life … the Report is NOT for You.

In Denial: If you deliberately shut your eyes and refuse to acknowledge the truth about the life your teenager lives away from home … the Report is NOT for You.

Unwilling to Call it Like You See It: If you are unwilling to recognize the signs of your teenager’s drug, alcohol or prescription medicine abuse and move heaven and earth to get the help he or she needs … the Report is NOT for You.

Unable to Admit the Obvious: If you allow your teenager to disrespect you … instead of teaching him or her to disagree with you Respectfully … the Report is NOT for You.

Guilt-ridden and Ashamed: If you are So Ashamed of who your teenager has become that you can no longer function as a responsible loving parent … the Report is NOT for You.

To get your copy of our Special Report, just enter your name and email address in the Email Signup form on the right side of this webpage.  We will send you an email with a Link to download your copy of “Fire Up Your Parental Engine!”  We believe this Special Report will get you excited about the important role that only YOU can play in your teenager’s life.

What We Know for Sure!

The truth is we no longer live in a gentle, generous, mutually respectful society that is vigilant and protective of our children and teen-children.  The “Village” that so many people romanticize about no longer exists … at least not in a way that would be really helpful to ALL parents.  But despite this truth, most parents still do a phenomenal job of “piecing together” what they need to carry out their responsibilities.

At Parenting Your Teen for Life, we will continue to

Celebrate and Support Parents of Teenagers!